Central House of Writers

This restaurant is full of history and traditions. The house of writes was found in 1889 during a period known in Russian classic literature as Silver Century. The building is designed in art Nouveau style, everywhere you can feel aristocratic aura, Soviet invasion and modern reality. Spirit of the Silver Century writers’ era is expressed in many details: rarity furniture, antique Laman tapestry, fireplace with Georgy Pobedonosets’s crest, Venetian mirrors and white columns. Each room in the restaurant has its own unique atmosphere and design. For example the Oak Hall has two levels and light oak furniture. Fantastic cuisine is similar to what Pushkin offers – sophisticated French charm in the best Russian traditions. The founder of the restaurant appreciates Russian-French balance in original recipes. Expensive but delicious, and you know what you pay for.


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Perfect place for lunch or late snack. The restaurant’s location is ideal if you decide to spend a day on the famous Pampelonne beach in St Tropez. The view is spectacular; you can enjoy the turquoise waters of the St Tropez surroundings, beautiful yachts and white sandy beach. Tahiti offers elegant and chic ambience, modern interior, and delicious French specialities. The wine list is impressive, you can find high end Sancerre, Batard Montrachet and selection of expansive champagnes. This is a pricy place to enjoy lunch, but it’s totally worth it. Food is prepared with love and attention and most importantly with high quality local produce. Crab salad is refreshing, fish and seafood are grilled and served with delicious butter sauce, tuna tar tar comes with zesty citrus dressing. During high season you may find sushi and rolls on a menu.


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You don’t have blue blood and a billion dollars on the bank account? No worries, you can experience how it may feel at Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc. The restaurant is by far one of the best in France and definitely my number one choice on a French Rivera. Royalty, Hollywood celebrities, business moguls and fancy jetsetters flock to this fabulous hotel to soak up the sun of the Cote d’Azure in this magnificent palace of history and traditions. Everything is superb to the minor detail. The stuff is attentive and professional, the view is breath-taking, and the food is polished and refined for the gourmet lovers. It doesn’t matter if you try fish, duck or meat, it will be perfect. This restaurant is used to spoiled guests and they know how to meet your high expectations. The wine list is extensive; you can find it all, Petrus, Romane Conti and Domaine Leflaive. Try deserts, they will blow your mind!


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